“Princess” Dynesti Hope Lazina Maraj

Dynesti’s life on this earth ended the way it began…prematurely.
On March 14, 2015 Dynesti Hope Lazina Maraj was struck and killed while she was legally walking in an activated crosswalk with her grandmother.  
Our legal system has no disciplinary consequences for pedestrian fatalities if the driver was not found to be “under the influence of alcohol, drugs, speeding or texting while driving”. Therefore it is time for us to assist in ensuring and assuring that everyone is aware that “Pedestrian’s Lives Matter".


Our world was blessed on the 7th day of July, 2012

Heaven was blessed on the 14th day of March, 2015

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Dynesti Hope Lazina Maraj, or as she was referred to by her family and loved ones, as

Princess Dynesti.

Sweet princess Dynesti was taken away from us after only two and a half brief years.

Our beautiful little angel Princess Dynesti brought smiles and joy to everyone who met her. She rarely cried as a baby and we never saw her experience the temper tantrums and/or mayhem that are typical during the “terrible twos” that everyone talks about. Quite the opposite, she was always polite and was always kind.

Even though Dynesti was only 2 years a half years old, she was wise beyond her years.  Dynesti already knew how to be a great friend.  She was protective of her loved ones and always willing to share whatever she possessed.  She loved to read books, could accurately recite the entire alphabet, and could proficiently use an IPad at the tender age of 1.  By age 2, she was counting to 20, both in English and Spanish, reciting lengthy nursery rhymes, and singing the entire “Frozen” soundtrack.

Dynesti loved being outdoors, whether it was playing in the yard, spending hours in her swimming pool, or going to the park.  She enjoyed playing her guitar and had several baby dolls and stuffed animals that were always by her side.  She loved Calliou, Sofia the First, Mikey Mouse Clubhouse,  Diego and Dora the Explorer, dinosaurs, rainbows, rocket ships, and anything from the movie, “Frozen”.  Actually, because she considered herself a princess, she loved all things royal…including castles, tiaras, magical wands, and of course, a beautiful wardrobe.   If you were honored to have been in her presence, you would probably noticed that in true royal fashion, Dynesti also loved people!  

Dynesti’s life on this earth ended the way it began…prematurely, but those who were blessed by  her love and touched by her pure and gentle kindness understand that the quality of one’s existence far exceeds the quantity of time in which one lives.

As hard as it will be, Dynesti would not want us to dwell on the sadness of her loss, nor would she want us to keep asking the question, “why?” For it is beyond our understanding and comprehension why such a smart, cheerful, kind, and beautiful child was taken from our lives at such an early age. There is no easy way for us to say goodbye.  However, we must focus on how happy she made us during the brief two and a half years that we were blessed to have her in our lives.  We must find comfort in knowing that she is now at peace and will never have to endure the pains, trials, and tribulations that we all must suffer while here on earth.  

“Until we meet again Sweet Princess Dynesti…
you are missed, but your love, smiles, hugs, and laughter will always be remembered!”

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Dynesti Hope Lazina Maraj

July 7, 2012 – March 14, 2015

God blessed his earth with an angel, the sweetest angel too…
and for such a tiny little thing, she had so much to do.

Always wise beyond her years, she knew she did not have much time to stay; 
so a second was not wasted, she got started right away.

Her eyes were bright and sparkly; her smile would brighten any mood; she always exhibited good manners, even when she ate her food.

She did not miss a single thing, she took in every turn. 
Before she turned two, she knew her ABCs, because this Angel came to learn.

God sent her here to touch the hearts of those He could not quite reach…
She showed them kindness, hope, and joy, because our little Angel also came to teach.

Her tiny little body, was so full of God above…you felt it when she hugged you, because most importantly, this Angel came to love!



She played on her IPad, dressed up like a princess, sang nursery rhymes all day, 
stroked her Momma’s hair until she fell asleep, because our little Angel came to play.

In thirty-two short months, she managed to do what many never will; 
So she had to return to Heaven, because her purpose was fulfilled.

Dynesti learned and taught, loved and played, she learned her lessons well. 
I know the Higher Power was very proud, when she was returned with Him to dwell.

I imagine she is telling everyone that she is a princess, and I am sure they all agree.
I try to find comfort in knowing, that Heaven is simply the best place for her to be.

And though we miss her OH-SO-MUCH, and the pain of her loss will not go away, 
we must remember that her work was done... 

Our sweet, little Angel Dynesti was never destined to stay.

An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby’s birth, and whispered as she closed the book,

“Too beautiful for Earth”.